The Research Agenda for the Birdoswald Excavation Project

  • To establish the basic data to allow the creation of a first draft holistic narrative of the history of the Roman fort and settlement of Birdoswald in all its aspects, intramural, extramural, and funerary.
  • To characterise the zones of the extra-mural settlement (west, north and east) in order to compare phasing and character with what is known of the fort, the extra-mural settlement to the south and (following the 2009 work) the cemetery.
  • To establish whether there are obstacle pits on the berm at Birdoswald.

Birdoswald Excavation Project Training Agenda

  • To facilitate the on-site training of undergraduate archaeology students in the excavation and recording tasks associated with archaeological excavation
  • To develop knowledge of and practice in digital archaeology, through the use of the Intrasis system.  Thus encouraging and fostering the potential for the adoption of the Intrasis system for future work.
  • To provide the optimal training environment for Masters and Doctoral students in Roman Archaeology/Roman Provincial Archaeology/Frontier Studies/Environmental Archaeology to develop advanced field and laboratory skills.